Jennifer Bingham Chairs MCLE Pensions & QDROs

Attorney Jennifer Bingham chairs a distinguished MCLE panel discussing Pensions & QDRO, Navigating Divorce Minefields in a live webcast on December 9, 2020. A recorded webcast will be available through MCLE on December 23, 2020.  

From MCLE:

MCLE: Pensions & QDRO’s, Navigating Divorce Minefields
Increasingly, family law attorneys are faced with complex issues surrounding pensions, retirement assets, and other compensation arrangements. This in-the-trenches program offers expert guidance to assist practitioners in understanding the labyrinth of the state and federal pension system, ERISA, private retirement plans, valuation and divisibility issues, and taxes. The successful resolution of your family law case hinges on your ability to understand different types of plans and your ability to make appropriate arguments to the court concerning their treatment.MCLE’s experienced panel examines this topic in-depth.

The faculty analyzes many different types of divisible benefits, including retirement benefits (e.g., benefit and defined contribution retirement plans, Massachusetts public pensions, and federal pensions); and other forms of qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans. The faculty also addresses important strategic decisions family law attorneys must consider when faced with dividing retirement assets. Finally, the panel offers a primer on relevant case law and drafting tips for Domestic Relations Orders, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and sample forms.